Injury Prevention


Injury prevention are those measures which should be taken in order to prevent many occurrences of injuries. This injury prevention can mostly be installed in homes since people at home are prone to most injuries and thus there exists a need for people to outfit their homes with the best and proper items which can maximize safety at homes. This safety is given more weight and concentration to the elderly since the elderly people require adequate care and handling for they are prone to injuries and in case the injuries do appear, they will be very severe, and again they will have severe repercussions. Mostly falling is the biggest and most prone danger which can be faced  by the older people who might be living on their own and it may be more dangerous if only one person lives the home since one cannot receive immediate help thus these homes do need some extra attention for the protection against fall to be effective. Staircases,hallways, and most entryways should be carefully looked  so as to increase the home security for the elderly men and women and there are several things which should be checked here in order to ensure maximum safety. For instance, one should check whether the outline of each and every step in the staircase is well visible when one is going up or down, and those steps for the staircase should be a bit beyond the final step mostly at both the bottom and top. Read more at this website about safety.

Again one should also ensure that lights are switched on at both the bottom and top of the staircase. The handrails again should be very thin in a way that one can wrap his or her hand around them to get a good grip. Carpets on the stairs should again be well fastened in the floor. All the hallways around the home should be well lit mostly with night lights. Bedrooms should again be well lit in order to ensure that one can access the bed with ease. Bathrooms again pause danger in homes and thus there should be no slip rubber mats which are placed in the floor or the shower. Start here!

Grab bars should again be installed in the bathrooms and also in toilets. At the kitchen, things should be placed at the kitchen in places which are reachable to avoid the use of stepping stool which can make one fall and again heavy items in the kitchen should be placed in areas which are easy to reach to avoid the falling of heavy articles which can injure the elderly, view here!


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